Missing wandering round town? Well now you can build your own from the comfort of your own home! Simply click on the links bellow to download free  cut out colouring sheets, each of which folds into a 3D model!

For print only please select the PDF option. For digital colouring please select the PSD. PSD files are A3 in size to maintain quality so you will need to hit the scale to fit option when printing. These are based on my cut out cards which are available HERE.

All images © Ben Langworthy 2020

Stay in cut out- side door shop by Ben L

Side door shop

pdf file    psd file

Stay in cut out - centre door shop by Be

Centre door shop

pdf file     psd file

Stay in cut out- city house by Ben Langw

City house

pdf file   psd file

Stay in cut out- town house by Ben Langw

Town house

pdf file     psd file