The Goodlife Experience 2018 


This Good Life Experience is a festival in North Wales co-organised by Cerys Matthews and the Gladstone Family

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of the Hawarden Estate, it is a weekend of eclectic music,  great food, talks, workshops, wild swimming and the great outdoors.

Over last few years couple of years I have been commissioned by the festival to design and produce banners for the festival.

Each of these has featured prominently in promotional material and social media coverage of the festival. 


 For 2018 I wanted to do something a little bit different while still maintaining the aesthetic of my previous banners.

 I was asked to make a banner for the Campfire Cooking Stage and chose to use the opportunity to collaborate with the talented furniture make and founder of The Otter Workshop: Harry Langworthy...who also happens to be my Dad! 


I designed an image which he brought to life beautifully.

It featured a wood font inspired by Scout Camp Ivanhoe in Wes Andersons Wonderful Moonrise Kingdom.

The sign was made in several layers to give it a slight 3d effect.